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Name Function Tel.

(+49 6841 16…)
Prof. Dr. Barbara Gärtner Institute director 23901 Barbara.gaertner@uks.eu
Prof. Dr. Markus Bischoff Research group leader 23963 Markus.bischoff@uks.eu
Dr. Sören Becker Associate physician 23925 Soeren.becker@uks.eu
Dr. Fabian Berger Associate physician 13915 Fabian.berger@uks.eu
Dr. Rosmarie Gaupp Clinical and research biologist 23958 Rosmarie.gaupp@uks.eu
Dr. Alexander Halfmann Clinical and research biologist 23929 Alexander.halfmann@uks.eu
Dr. Philipp Jung Clinical and research biologist   philipp.jung@uks.eu
Karin Hilgert Research technician 23963 Karin.hilgert@uks.eu
Anna Nimmesgern Research technician 23902 Anna.nimmesgern@uks.eu
Nassim Fakhreddine PhD candidate 23962
Mohamed I. Elhawy PhD candidate 23962  
Janina Eisenbeis PhD candidate 23962  
Kinan Nofal PhD candidate 23962
Gubesh Gunaratnam PhD candidate 23962
Linda Pätzold PhD candidate  
Mihaig Alexandru MD candidate
Yannik Kautz MD candidate  
Frederik Runge MD candidate  
Franziska Velten MD candidate  
Katja Knieling Masterstudent  
Jacqueline Willeit Masterstudent  
Lisa Zimmer Masterstudent    



The following positions are currently open:

The Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene offers ZHMB Master students the opportunity to perform internships and Master thesis projects. You will have the opportunity to perform hands on trainings at the S2 research lab and to work in one of our current research projects (please see the "Research Topics" page). Interested students are kindly requested to contact Markus Bischoff (markus.bischoff(at)uks.eu) to talk about current project suggestions...